I was personally very pleased to see the results of a recent Ipsos MORI poll showing overwhelming support among Northern companies for retaining membership of the EU.  The EU is far from perfect but I believe the positives of membership overwhelmingly outweigh the negatives.

EU funding has played a critical role in ensuring that the UK regions have access to venture capital finance to support entrepreneurship and innovation.  The reality is that the vast majority of venture capital investors concentrate their attention on London and the South East and, in general, pay little regard to what is happening in the regions.  Of course that makes sense for all kinds of reasons, however it exacerbates the market failure for entrepreneurs in the regions.  I dread to think what would have happened if EU-backed interventions such as the JEREMIE funds had not been around to support the regions in recent years or, indeed if such interventions were withdrawn in future.

I'm backing the campaign to retain membership of the EU.  Are you with me?