Its getting closer to the day when Britain makes a decision that will affect the worlds economy and the day to day lives of millions of ordinary people.

Which ever side you are on leaving the EU will have big implications for marketers in the UK and they will need to start working on plans to get the right message out to clients and customers. It will change how you work in a very fundamental way and I bet most of you haven't had a meting to discuss  "what if..."

I cant give you any advice on what to do as I'm Irish and I dont have a vote plus its your mess.. So all I can say is that whatever happens the world will keep turning and the Sun will rise everyday and your boss will ask you what you are going to do in terms of marketing...  

If you are undecided, which according to polls is at about 12% then it will be your vote that decides which way the country will jump. Make sure you look at all the facts and try and see through the noise and there is a lot of that.

This is a massive issue for all so get informed.