A slightly trick question perhaps.......

 There isn't actually a singular President of the European Union..... there is actually 7 all fullfilling different roles within the Union. They are from 7 different countries- 0 from the U.K

It may sound trivial, but surely this highlights the lack of transparency within the Union and the significant lack of knowledge by the British people about what the EU is and what it provides. 

Vote remain have focused on scare mongering tactics and have failed to enlighten the British public on the actual facts and reasons behind staying in the EU. 

Polls remain the main cause of chop for the British pound and volatility will remain erratic until the 23rd. If remain seems more prominent i think GBPUSD will be around the 1.50 handle headed into the vote. Should the polls continue to sway i can see the current levels traded into the 23rd.