The EU referendum is the most important vote for a generation. It will fundamentally alter the United Kingdom's future. The polls are close and the result could be tight.

A couple of weeks back, I watched a piece on the news where a group of twenty-odd year olds discussed the EU referendum with their older sixty-plus counterparts. Though, it is as you can imagine, the younger group on the whole debated to remain where the older generation argued to leave, one statement a young aspiring PE teacher resonated with me. She claimed that her vote should hold more weight as she will be living with the consequences of this referendum for longer than the pensioner to which she was speaking. Though I believe it is a taboo to say it, her comments are factually true.

I have to agree with that aspiring PE teacher and say this vote will affect the young far more than the old. With the general view that older people support brexit and are far more likely to vote in stark contrast to the young, I believe it is nonsensical and unfair to contemplate not voting on 23rd June. By not voting, you effectively give the older generations vote more weight. 

At a time when the young are discovering their careers and making life choices; fundamentally altering the UK's relation with the world and putting its economy in jeopardy by voting to leave the EU is neither sensible nor rational.

Registration to vote for this referendum closes Tuesday 7th at midnight. I implore you today to make sure your voice is heard.