A very interesting way to show what you can do with a tool such as tableau.

Check out how your personal view corresponds with the nation and filter it down by region, education or party supporters.

Do you now feel better informed after looking at such great infographic?

Exactly - it always happens to me. Especially if the topic is complex and we are talking big data.

But how did we get to our conclusion? What were the decisions that we made to conclude that a BREXIT Leave vote is better or not compared to a Remain vote. 

I recently discussed this with a group of decision modelling experts and this is how we (decision modellers) would approach the challenge:

1.) What is the main decision that requires a conclusion? 

This is often very straight forward - in this case: "Determine a vote to Remain or Leave" 

2.) What are the sub-decisions that are required that help us to make the overall decision?

And this were the problems start - unlike in a business environment - the BREXIT decision  is loaded with personal views, opinions, political views and emotions. 

Therefore it is very complicated to actually define the relevant decision criteria that are required to create a Decision Requirements Graph that reflects all conditions required.

For example take: How much do we pay employee x this month? 

The sub-decision are very straight forward such as: pay grade, normal hours worked, overtime, weekend work, holiday and other benefits - some of these sub-decision are more complex if you have a highly defined overtime extra pay scale where people get paid differently for weekend work vs. overtime during the week. 

But - as you can see we are just talking facts. There are no emotions or individual views such as Friday afternoons belong to the weekend or week.

Now think about the BREXIT discussion: the conditions required to make a conclusion vary a lot from person to person and their individual circumstances.

It is unfortunate that in the current times emotions are dominating the political landscape (not only in the UK). Especially as decisions based on emotions are not repeatable, transparent nor auditable as they change like the weather. [Especially if you look at politicians that often only follow the pub-lic opinion to gain power.]

If you like to have repeatable fact driven decisions made by your domain experts take a look at decision modelling

Let me know if you like to see our approach - how to determine your BREXIT conclusion - then get in touch.