Right now we have hiring indecision. Uncertainty. Ambiguity. Brexit could mean losing access to the single European market and with it, access to 500m people across 28 European member states. The ebb and flow of immigration allows us to be competitive, creative and in some cases, industry leading. Losing access to that pool of minds, ideas and worth ethics' will impact us, of that I am certain. As I have read recently, Catherine Barnard, a Professor in EU and employment Law, states that there is also the option for the UK to join the European Economic Area (EAA), also known as the ‘Norway’ option, which would guarantee a Single Market. This would allow free movement of people, money, services and goods, meaning in reality, very little would change. This means citizens of EU member states will still enjoy the right to travel and work in the UK, and likewise, UK citizens will retain free movement in the EU. But at what cost? Recruiters will find a way of filling their jobs and I hope that the UK's workforce remains as diverse as ever but if there is Brexit, I feel red-tape, administration and costs will rise. 

All opinions my own.