Right now, post Brexit we are all looking to someone for an answer to how we cope with the impending rift from the EU. 

The thing is, this has never happened before; we are trailblazers. It's surprising how we are not embracing the growth mindset. I always thought of myself as a risk-taker, a creative and an agile entrepreneur. However, I spent three days weeping into Facebook saying 'woe is me!'. Today, I have spent two hours writing a long piece about what positives we can take from this unexpected vote. 

Much is out of control but we can't give up

Although much is out of our control, what each one of us does, individually, will help form a cohesive strategy.  We need to show just what business is made of in the UK. After all, tech is international and we have to find ways to develop the growth mindset. If we force ourselves to adopt abundant rather than the scarcity thinking we can nail this. We have to tell ourselves there will always be more. We also need to collaborate with everyone to convince them we ARE THE people to do business with. They may not like our decision but they can’t ignore us, with luck! 

We need to share knowledge and help one another.

In addition, developing trust and building up rapport then striving to grow will be the positive response to any difficulties on the horizon. We have to believe that the best is yet to come, think big, embrace risk, then finally take ownership of change; it’s inevitable. The mark of a true leader is what they do when things go wrong.

A longer version of this will appear shortly on LinkedIn's Pulse. Do join me there.