In the aftermath of the Brexit result, is it fair to say that all eyes are on Berlin's tech and digital scenes to accelerate, even faster??

Look at it this way; compared to London, Berlin has cheaper overheads, less competition for the highly skilled talent, a more relaxed culture towards the work+life balance and greater certainty of an EU market to trade with.

Whilst the Berlin market has been bubbling away in the background of London's recent wonder years, the Brexit is acting as a catalyst to speed up the growth of German capital's tech scene.

London is a world class heavyweight, and is largely responsible for some of the best innovations in recent history.

But like the way California had it's bubble burst, the pressure will now be on London to compete against the growing presence on the European mainland. 

As a digital recruitment agency, here in Berlin, we've had a huge upsurge in the amount of highly skilled candidates from London ask about the logistics of a Berlin move, across nearly all digital & tech disciplines. 

It's a great time to be in business for us, but it's come at huge price; British uncertainty. 

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