If you travel in the EU frequently on business or just want a safe place for your family and dependants to live, consider purchasing a  property in Cyprus.

In exchange for spending 5 million Euros on a privately owned Cyprus villa, you can apply for citizenship for yourself, your spouse and dependants (up to 28 years). The criteria for eligibility are minimal and in three months  you'll receive your new passport.

With your shiny new passport in hand and despite the recent Brexit result, you can still enjoy numerous privileges including visa-free travel to 150 destinations, healthcare, free education and ability to work and reside in the EU without additional permits. Best of all your citizenship can be passed down to your descendants.

You're probably wondering if the UK's decision to leave the EU will cause you to lose out on benefits given to British citizens who purchase Cyprus houses. The answer is NO. For the next couple of years at least you will have the same tax benefits and other rights.

For any information you require about Cyprus citizenship or how the EU referendum impacts you, let us know. We'll be happy to give you an insight and if needed help you identify Cyprus real estate to invest in.