You don't have to look far to feel the uncertainty in the jobs market all over Europe.

This isn't the first time job advertising analytics have been used to show early evidence of a recession;

In 2010, the most prominent job advertisement aggregator was sold to a newspaper. 

The newspaper reported that, with their analytics of the job advertising statistics from 2005 to 2010, they would have been able predict the recession about 6 months before it hit in 2008 because of the steady decline in companies advertising vacancies. 

Whilst this post isn't yet the most positive of observations, the intention is to explain that there is still a lot of opportunity for job seekers, in mainland Europe and in London. 

There are two types of description to a job market;

a) A candidate heavy market

b) A job heavy market

For the last few years, the market in tech and digital has very much had the description of a 'job heavy' market. 

For highly skilled niche experience i.e. Developer or UX Designer, it is likely that this type of professional would have tens or hundreds of approaches to look at a new opportunities, either direct with companies hiring or with recruitment consultants.

The recruitment industry often thrives in time of recession, not because it has an abundance of clients to resource for, but because the relationship with highly skilled professionals becomes personal.

The recruiters 'worth their salt' will work closely with their candidates, creating a strategy for those that seek new opportunities. 

Whilst the results may take slightly longer than compared to a 'job heavy' market, the agent and candidate work closely in partnership to systematically cover off all of the opportunities that become available. The majority never reaching a job advertisement board.

The top tip for job seekers, whilst the dust settles from the Brexit; find a recruiter who specialises in your niche skill set and build a strong communication structure to work together with new options. 

Their full time job is to find you new roles, they'll understand the market as well as you understand your profession and they'll hand pick the best options for all of your needs.