Amazon has benefited from "first-mover advantage" for many years now. First-mover advantage, or FMA, is the advantage gained by the initial ("first-moving") significant occupant of a market segment. It may be also referred to as Technological Leadership.  As this recent article notes, Amazon is hiring 1000 new jobs for their assault on the UK fashion and grocery markets.  

With the current uncertainty following the Brexit vote, many companies are quite rightly reviewing their hiring strategies.  The terms of our EU withdrawal are up for negotiation and nobody knows what our relationship will actually be like.  Pausing recruitment and investment can be seen as the sensible option in the short term.

However, despite the uncertainty in the market, and if you believe Messrs Osborne and Carney, the UK economy is fundamentally sound, so hiring now shouldn’t been seen as such a big risk.  Whilst other companies are making up their minds on how to proceed, now is a great time to take advantage of less competition and attract the best candidates. If you have a strong business model and are confident in your execution, hiring now makes a lot of sense.