Tech City UK asked over 1200 members of the tech community what their thoughts were on Brexit.

Over half think (51%) it's going to be more difficult to recruit and retain the best staff.  Is this a knee-jerk reaction?  I would be keen to know the background and why people seem so against: 

a) home-grown talent

b) belief the UK can be a great place to live/work

Whatever happens with the negotiations, I expect securing the best tech talent will be high on the agenda as an area that is protected.   Whether a visa system or incentives are in place to attract the best people, the UK has so much to offer I don't expect us to turn our back on the best people who want to come here.  

Furthermore, investing in homegrown talent should now be at the top of everyone's recruitment strategy. Regardless of what actually happens in the next 2.5 years before exit, like I mentioned yesterday, now is a great time to be recruiting whilst others ponder their hiring needs.