Today, all around the world, people are reacting to the news of the US election.  Social Media is awash with horror, support, comedy, misery  - you name it, every opinion is out there.  Just like the UK Brexit campaign, election and never ending fall out, emotions are running high, friends and neighbours are falling out, and people are REACTING - not responding in a rational manner.

A huge caveat and important point to note - all of what follows is far easier said than done.  However, by being mindful and aware of what we can potentially do to move from reacting to responding, there is a chance that gradually, we will start to enhance our skills, and in turn our relationships.

Newspapers and the media are there to get reactions - to generate interest, debate, emotion, to increase viewing, sales and discussion.  The stronger the reaction, the greater the success in their eyes.  Just be aware, that in the same way that the media is not an unbiased resource of facts (even the BBC - shock horror), everyone has their own view and opinion, which in turn, galvanises how we react - if we are not careful.  

The art is to respond in a well measured manner, true to ourselves and our beliefs, integrity and core values, not a red-misted reaction filled with emotion and anger - that will generally generate the same response back again.  Then we have a full on falling out. 

To respond instead of reacting, try :

1. Being Grounded - feeling reality (nature) and exploring our senses

2. Notice when you are over analysing - when you start making up stories and potential untruths

3. Breathe before reacting to something you don't like (far easier said than done)

4. Appreciate that everyone is different and sees the world in their own way.