The news that Weir Group may be reshoring in the UK is an interesting knock on from Brexit.

It's true that the devaluation in sterling has caused the UK to be more competitive, but for Weir to actually consider reshoring is a step further.

There has been speculation that the textiles industry may return their manufacturing from overseas to the UK to meet the increase in consumer buying trends. The Weir decision is different in that it's more about hi-tech manufacturing, the long-term benefits of a skilled workforce and advanced manufacturing R & D nearer to home.

UK manufacturers can reassess the merits of onshoring manufacturing in the changed world of Brexit, but this must be countered against a world of future tariffs for exports if no free trade EU agreement is reached.

Needless to say, the Weir experiment will be closely watched by its peers and could be the first sign that UK manufacturing can thrive in the new world of the internet of things.