Today, a letter has been delivered from the Prime Minister to the President of the European Council to formally trigger Article 50, starting the formal process of the UK leaving the EU. Yet there is still great uncertainty about how this affects families whose relationships break down, whether that involves foreign nationals living in the UK, or UK citizens living abroad or married to foreign nationals.

Resolution, of which Lamb Brooks is a member of, has today sent out a briefing to its members to highlight some of the potential changes and difficulties that Brexit may bring. 

Here is a flavour:

Divorce - if no need framework is put in place, possible jurisdictional issues could arise where there are competing proceedings. Even when the case is finished, there is then the risk of any judgment/divorce not being recognised elsewhere in the EU. 

Children - There will be the loss of the EU Charter on Fundamental Rights and Freedoms. This has been central in advancing the rights of the child, for example to have their voice heard and to maintain direct and regular contact with their parents. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child will remain and has similar scope but has not been incorporated into domestic legislation.