While the information on who owns British companies from the Office of National Statistics is interesting, and no doubt can be used by people to put forward their own views, it is more important that Britain is seen to be an economy to invest in. 

Some people feel the benefits of a liberal economy need greater protection, but the reality is that it is irrelevant who owns British business. Historically seen as the gateway to Europe post Brexit Britain will instead need to promote other reasons to invest in Britain.

Notwithstanding criticism that not enough is being done to train skilled labour, diversified technology and industrial companies continue to see Britain as a place where there is a skilled workforce and quality standards are high. Auto companies are continuing to invest for similar reasons. Research and development remains embedded in universities, though more could be done to encourage companies and UK universities to work more closely together.

Corporation tax is low, however, super broadband and transport infrastructure remains a challenge and energy security and self dependence is an issue looming on the horizon. 

As long as governments and regulators invest in company friendly initiatives, particularly in the UK industrial strategy, white paper investors will still invest in Britain and it will be irrelevant where they come from.