I've still not managed to get my hands on the new £1 coin.

Despite asking at the checkout at every shop I visit, this new coin appears to be rarer than hen's teeth. Perhaps they just haven't made it down to Cranleigh yet?

When it is acquired for my wallet, its value is uncertain.

The value of Pound Sterling fell sharply last year, to levels that suggest it is "significantly undervalued".

This article makes the case for a bounce back this year, with analysts from Barclays, Nomura and Citi all warning that those currency speculators betting against the Pound could lose out.

And currency speculators are betting against the currency, with 104,075 speculative net Sterling short positions open at the end of March, close to the previous week's record high.

Barclays are predicting that Sterling will rebound against the US Dollar, reaching $1.32 by the end of 2017 and to $1.38 within 12 months. 

They also point to political risks in Europe as a driver for the currency back to its pre-referendum levels.

A stronger Sterling could help to dampen rising price inflation, which has been largely driven by higher import prices, but might also subdue investor confidence in the FTSE 100, where a majority of revenues are based on overseas earnings.